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Belgium Beach Camp on Blankenberg

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Training Day With Serge Bridoux on 19 January

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Become an instructor

The inscriptions for 2017 are open!

Join the KMG Belgium team to perfect your technique and learn how to communicate it. Check the information below carefully and contact us for more information.

Please note, places are limited so do not linger!     0475 37 73 17

You were an instructor in another federation and want to join KMG

KMG Belgium invites you to contact us to perform a bridge training and an eventual upgrade under the guidance of Serge Bridoux, director of the Belgian federation and Yanilov Eyal, director of KMG Global. Do you have any questions?

Contact us

Required background

To integrate one of our courses you must meet the following requirements:

  • To have minimum 4 years experience in a combat system such as boxing or kickboxing, including good punching/kicking technique. The average age of participants is 30 years with 8-10 years of practicing martial arts.
  • To be in good physical condition and have a recommendation from a sport and/or martial arts trainer or a police officer.
  • The candidate must be supported by the local KMG instructor (if there is no local instructor then the national instructor).
  • To have no criminal history (presentation of a certificate of good conduct).
  • Make a motivational interview with a local instructor and/or the national instructor.
  • To have experience in teaching (optional).
  • To have the ability to pay for the course.


  • The basic training instructor self-defense/Krav Maga consits in 180 hours.
  • Additional training for instructors is a requirement for all teachers who wish to renew their annual license. This applies to both civilian instructors and members of the army or the police.
  • During these courses, the instructor receives various updates, learns new techniques and refines those already acquired.
  • For many teachers, this type of training is also an opportunity to reach a higher grade. These courses last between 3 and 5 days.


For information on these courses, contact Serge Bridoux:
0475 37 73 17